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“I’ve always believed that true beauty comes from within---from within Dr. Peredo’s office.  As an image consultant, I know how important it is to look natural.  Dr. Peredo never overdoes it.  On the contrary, she’ll be the first one not to perform a procedure if she thinks it’s unnecessary, which is why I’d never go anywhere else.  Thanks to Dr. Peredo, people always tell me I look like I’m in my early 30’s.  Her staff is just unbelievable too.  They’re so kind, friendly and efficient.  There just aren’t enough nice things I could say about her and her team. - Diana S.

As a psychotherapist and also a patient of Dr. Marina Peredo, I have learned two things.  First, as a 50 year old woman, I feel more attractive than I have ever felt in my life!  It’s not just that I have younger looking skin, it’s also that Dr. Peredo’s artistic non-surgical sculpting has allowed me to change areas that have always bothered me as far back as I can remember!  Second, what has changed is not only my appearance, but my self-esteem and ability to handle stress.  As a therapist, I’ve become aware that recent brain research explains why…the more we self-care, the more psychologically comfortable we are!  This comfort allows for increased self-esteem and productivity, as well as a marked decrease in anxiety and/or depression.  So, as we allow ourselves the pleasures of these treatments and their outcomes, we are actually investing in the ability of our brains to manage stress, be more productive and feel good about ourselves.  Clearly, this is not a luxury, rather and investment. - Cynthia F.

It was April of 2009, my son and daughter were getting married two weeks apart in June and July.  I needed a miracle!  I visited the office of Dr. Peredo for an evaluation.  Little did I know how this decision would improve my confidence and my life.  By June, the results were better than I had ever anticipated!  Dr. Peredo’s vision, light hand, personal attention and cutting edge procedures prepared me for the weddings and beyond! - Linda T.

Thank you so much for your interest in helping me with your expertise.  The medication you prescribed for me is working!  My skin has improved immensely!  No one was ever able to help me with this problem. I had been to several doctors, dermatologists and cosmetologists, but no one was able to figure out a solution.  I finally have relief and I’m spared the embarrassment of problematic skin.  I truly appreciate your assistance besides everything else you’ve done with my face! - Marcelle S.

 Just wanted to send you a little note to thank you so much for the complimentary facial.  I could actually see a difference in the appearance of my skin.  My husband even commented on how soft my face looks.  I know you have a lot of patients, but I always feel like you are looking out for me and I thank you for making me feel special. - Paula S.

Several years ago, you had photographed my right eye’s brown spot. About two years ago, I returned.  You compared the old photo to my eye.  There had been a change.  You urged me to have someone else look at it too.
I went to see Dr. I. Rand Rogers.  He’s the head of the eye surgery department in Manhasset.  He does eyelids and upper face reconstruction.  Because of your urging to have someone else look at it, my results were benign (I was told I was Lucky) and the reconstruction gave me back my eye.
So thank you so much for being a great doctor!- Betty E.

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